Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cat adoption?

No, this isn't a plea to go out and adopt a kitty. This is what happens when a cat decides to adopt YOU! So happens this furry bundle (a stray) was hit by a car on Saturday in my son's neighborhood, and guess who got the call? They were convinced he was severely injured and needed to go to the Emergency Vet, etc.--of course, I zoomed over. (That's what 'moms/nonnis' do, right?) Once I got everyone to stand back in case he lashed out, I opened the box and carefully peeped in to see what we were dealing with. One look and I knew I was in BIG trouble. He looked up at me, our eyes locked, and he said, "You are my keeper. Take me home--NOW."

So, after a Vet ER visit (I talked them into doing an exam for free...I know, that doesn't happen), a few days of pampered R&R; $200 or so worth of cat supplies; $100+ for vaccinations, etc., he's decided he's officially adopted us. Now all I need to do is get him neutered...and fast! But he's absolutely fit into the family, and we already feel like he's been here forever. Funny how animals choose us like accident, that's for sure. (We named him Maxwell, but he prefers Max)
Sammy didn't stand a chance.
Didn't take me long to fall in love...

Piper is his favorite; I found them like this the other night when she was watching cartoons on nonni's bed. Purrrrr.........

Okay, so not everyone in the family has been adopted so readily by Max--this whirling dirvish is going to need a little more time to convince Max that his kitty body parts will be intact after Riley visits him. And Riley pretty much looks like this a good part of the time....can you say 'high-energy'?!?

Okay, back to work for me! Sure is fun having a kitty around again though!

Stay tuned for updates on the retreats and the Day Journeys. Don't forget that Leighanna Light will be here in just one month for 3 days of workshops! There's still time to sign up, so check itout on the right side there, under Day Journeys! Have a great weekend!


Kris said...

OMG I can't believe a kitty got you :)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

He looks like he's been part of the family forever. He's absolutely adorable too.

Angie in AZ said...

Great story! We just adopted a pair of 3 month old kittens to add with our almost one year old resident cat. It's been an adjustment but everyone is settling in nicely now. Love the names, Max and Sammy... my two boys are Max and Sam! LOL!
Gorgeous kitty you now have. He looks like a happy guy!

Maria said...

HOW CUTE! I'm a total cat person. :) Your retreats look really interesting. My drawback is that I live in FL, or I would sign up.


Unknown said...

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Phyllis said...

What a lovely, lovely cat story. It has set up my day for warmth and hope. Thank you for sharing this treasure. Max is very dear and so is Sammy.