Monday, June 21, 2010

Mark Your Calendars!

I'm SO excited to announce that the 3rd Artful Journey will take place February 17-21, 2011! I'm thrilled to have Stephanie Lee, Albie Smith and Nina Bagley returning to teach, and to welcome newcomers (to An Artful Journey), Orly Avineri and Jesse Reno.

(Sample journal pages from Orly's workshop)

We're working on the class descriptions, and the info will be up on the website around mid-July, but here's what I do know:

Nina is developing a "glorious" jewelry workshop especially for An Artful Journey! She's thrilled to be teaching here again, and I'm certain that her class will be always.

Orly is offering a 3-day nature journaling workshop, "exploring
the vast nature that is all around us while discovering our own expansive nature, that of our fellow journeyers, and the many ways that we are all mysteriously and beautifully connected."

Jesse's art is all about painting, and his class is suitable for beginners, advanced students, and everyone in-between. His work is magic, and he's anxious to share his techniques and how he approaches his art with his students.
Jesse Reno's work

Jesse Reno

Stephanie's workshop will focus on working with plaster, presenting techniques and projects from the book that she and Judy Wise are working on (due out next May!) In Stephanie's words, "I'm always amazed at how transformed and inspired students are after playing with plaster. They are intrigued when they sign up and then by the end of class, they are in love with the surface, with all the incredible things they can do with it. It really is an amazing medium."

Albie will once again be offering a 3-day exploration of color, design and techniques for putting together a journal of your own design. Her class this past February was very popular, and those who didn't take it wish they had!

Registration will open August 10 at 9am pacific time. I do expect some of the classes to sell out quickly, especially since I've lowered class sizes a bit as well. It would be great if you joined us!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Color-full days

Out and about, focusing on color. It seems to be sprouting up everywhere lately.

How cool are these birdhouses made of wood and metal? Makes me want to go hunt down my tin snips...

Having grown up with two brothers, and then having two sons, I didn't do the girlie stuff (even now my friends can't talk me into a pedicure). Now that I have two granddaughters, maybe I'll make up for lost time. At the very least, I can practice on them...they're very forgiving. For now.

Hope you're enjoying the warmth of these long summer days!