Friday, April 1, 2011

What's in a word anyway?

This post started out simply enough... I was going to say that I had been hibernating somewhat, and now I'm back.  That sounded kind of lackluster though; I was curious if there was a word or phrase for that--being back, that is.  What's the opposite of hibernate?  Dehibernate?  Unhibernate?  Nope, no such words. I did come across the word aestivate, which means, "to lie dormant in the summer".  Following this logic, then I was "dormant in the winter".  I wish that were the case, but far from it.  There were the holidays, family crazies, the retreat, appointments, family crazies, spring cleaning, family crazies--you get the picture.

So I began to question whether I'd been 'hibernating' after all.  As I investigated further, words like lethargic, idle and vegetate came up. Uh, not exactly.  And the more I googled (yep, it's an official verb), the darker it got.  I was led down the path of decay, rot and sloth.  Was it true that I had actually been in a state of pandiculation, odiosity or even statuvolence?  Could I really have piddered, pudded, dabbled and faddle fribbled my time away?  That couldn't have possibly been the case--after about two hours of this,  I slapped myself and came out of my stupor.

The bottom line is that I'm now I'm so confused that I don't know where I was—but I do know where I wasn't!  And I know where I'm going, or more precisely, where I think I'm going.  How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm Cindy. Maybe I can help...(:
I find that the simple, though wordy expression 'coming out of hibernation' says it all in a most respectful and hopeful way...respectful to the much needed and useful time of replenishment, silence, meditation-like phase, and coming out of it with new energy and passion. Hopeful, as coming out of it, holds a promise for creativity that is endless.
I don't know....(:
XOXOrly with wishes of
Happy Mothers Day