Friday, April 15, 2011

Hidden treasures...

I've been going to the Alameda Antiques Faire for years, and have visited the Euro-Linens large booth many times—but last month I had the opportunity to chat with the owner, Dani, and learn more about their business and the process they use to make their pillows.  I fell in love with the pillows made from vintage cotton mill sacks from France.  She and her husband, Erik, started their cottage industry together, and they have really top-quality items.

I had to leave the Alameda without purchasing from them, since my car was filled to the brim and I had already spent more than I had intended.  But I couldn't get those pillows out of my mind, so I decided to drive to La Selva Beach last week to check out Patine, the little shop that they run their business out of. 

 The view of the inside of my car from the side door--good thing I didn't have any passengers!

What a wonderful little enclave La Selva is, just tucked into the coast there.  It's a little treasure, quietly welcoming those who enter.

I spent the better part of the afternoon drooling over everything in the store, taking photos, and visiting with Dani.  Her husband, Erik. stopped by as well, so I got a chance to meet him too.  He designs and creates the pillows, doing all the sewing himself.  Sounds like a keeper to me!  What a warm, friendly couple they are; it was such a pleasure to get to know them.

In addition to the pillows, I ended up with a bit of jewelry, candles, and a couple of vintage shirts.  If I had unlimited funds, I would have scooped up everything in that store--the furniture, the artwork, more pillows, light fixtures, clothing, everything. 

 This is the shop watchdog--the only thing that's not for sale!


 Someday I'm going to take the Amtrak up Hwy. 1--amazing route

 Thank heavens Max approves!

When I look at the pillows, I'm reminded of the peaceful afternoon I spent on my solo drive, finding the gem of this little community, and most importantly, making a new friend.  If you're ever in the area, I encourage you to stop by—Dani would love to see you.


Char DeRouin said...

Sounds like a field trip is due! LMK! xoxo

lindy mcclellan said...

Oh! This place looks yummy! I will visit the next time I am in Santa Cruz! (next week perhaps!) I lived in La Selva Beach when I was in jr high and high school. It is a beautiful community.

Stephanie said...

We could do a LOT of damage going from Wisteria to Warmth to Patine!! LOL!!
(ps..absolutely LOVE the dock shirt...It's so ME!!)

ileneharris said...

That looks like a must do stop for me next time I'm down your way. And the Alameda Flea Market? I've never been there either...

Kris said...

Looks like a heavenly place to visit.

Scarlett Fiona Reed said...

Great post on Patine, Cindy! Dani posted your blog and now I've found you. Next time you're in the area please check out my shop in Santa Cruz, I would love to meet you!