Sunday, March 6, 2011

Continuing the Journey...

 On the last day of the workshops, we held a Show and Tell so that all the students could see what's been going on in other classrooms during the week.  It's so great to see the amazing artwork that comes out of the 3-day classes.  It's usually the time where attendees also see what other instructors they may want to sign up for in the future.  Lots of energy in the room!          

Albie and me







What a treat it was to see everyone's work; some people even took their work right back to the classroom and continued creating up until the midnight deadline!  

The following photos are just random shots that I took during the retreat--thought you might enjoy them.

 Laurie came up and gave massages to attendees--she already agreed to come back again next year!

It just wouldn't be a proper post if I didn't include a pic of Max.  Here he is giving feedback on all the goodies before they were packed up for the retreat.  He ALWAYS has an opinion!

Now it's full steam ahead preparing for the next Journey--I'll post registration info and classes later this spring.  It's not too early to plan a special get-away for yourself next year! 


Kris said...
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Kris said...

I know many people who attended and had wonderful things to say....It made me feel really stupid for not going! I rely on word of mouth the most for retreats.....I always hear such great stuff about An Artful Journey. Next year I will be the first person to register (save that place for me)!!

Robin Olsen said...

That's a lot of great work in 3 days--must have been jam-packed!

Kelly Warren said...

I've been enjoying all your pictures, Cindy! Though I must say Max does not look very happy in that last shot!

Anonymous said...

Your workshops look amazing!!! I attend Orly's classes every month, they are wonderful!