Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coming up for air...

The fog is finally lifting after the Journey retreat!  I'm still unpacking things, following up with the Center on some details, debriefing, and now planning for next year's event.  I'm SO excited to officially announce that the Journey will continue (just finalized the contract tonite!) next February, the 23rd - 27th, with another great group of instructors:  Albie Smith, DJ Pettitt, Tory Brokenshire, Flora Bowley and Katie Kendrick.  Each of them will be teaching a 3-day class within their genre, although the specific workshops have not been finalized yet.  But honestly, I don't know how attendees will be able to choose just one.  If you're unfamiliar with any of their work, just check out their blogs--amazing talents, each of them!!

Stay tuned for details in the coming months, with registration opening sometime in July.  I have a feeling it will fill up quickly, especially with the other fun things I have in mind.  I'm so fortunate to be able to hold these events--thanks to all for making my dreams come true!

So, back to the most recent event...I have lots more photos, but for now--feast your eyes, and mark your calendars to join us next year!

We had our meals together in the Dining Hall, which was such a great time to meet up with old friends, and new.

See the prayer flags hanging in the windows?  Attendees made over 50 of them, and each grouping was raffled off at the end of the retreat.  I'm thinking this is the beginning of an new tradition!

Journey returnees, Stella and Amy

This was taken during a short burst of blue skies--it rained most of the time, but it didn't seem to dampen the spirits!
Mother and daughter, Holly (r) and Kayla (l)

Erin and Kerri came from Washington to be with us--always smiling!

          Good friends, Carmen, Mikki and Diana, traveled from southern CA to attend the Journey

Raffling off the prayer flags.  (Love the ceilings in the dining hall!)
More prayer flags in the background

Stephanie Lee's workshop

The work they did in this class was really fantastic--how they got the plaster to dry in such wet weather is a bit of a mystery (ssshhh), but they did it!  Stephanie and Judy Wise are offering an online plaster class this summer, which is getting a lot of buzz.  I've signed up--have you?

 See DJ's blog for more photos!

Albie Smith's class
Albie will be teaching again next year, and the class size will be small--students were thrilled with how much info they received, and I expect next year's class to fill very quickly!

Amy's been to all the Journey retreats!

Nina Bagley's class
Lisa Ford

Love this pic that DJ took of me and Nina

 I coveted this fantastic box that Sharon used for her supplies!
 DJ has more photos of Nina's class on her recent blog post about the Journey, so be sure and check it out.  I love that I got this pic of Nina's tools!

Jesse Reno's Class

 Beth came all the way from England to attend Jesse's class.  She's putting on her own retreats in the beautiful  Yorkshire countryside.  Check it out here!
 Rene didn't know that I was looking over her shoulder!

Nellie admiring Danielle's  background

 Orly's daughter, Maya, was our youngest attendee; she was such a joy to have around!  Her art speaks for itself...

Stella, focused on her work

Orly Avineri's Class

Orly had a special challenge in her nature journaling class.  Because it was raining and snowing most of the time, she had to get creative on how to bring the outdoors in...without actually going out!

 I love pictures of work tables


Orly lives in southern CA and offers workshops down that way--you can check out her blog to get more information.  It's definitely something I would like to do if I find my way down there.

Creative Connections
Diana Britt sharing her jewelry

 I wish I had pictures of all of the tables, but here's a glimpse at some of the work that attendees brought from home to share.  It was great to see what they do in their 'real' lives!  This is something that I'd like to continue at future events, as it's all about 'sharing and connecting' with others.

 The fabulous Marilyn Thorne

 Danielle Fraser in the foreground, and Cindy Farris in the background

 The always cheerful Monica Moran
Lori Burek with her wonderful jewelry display

 Leah Virsik with her handmade books

Mindy with her paintings 

DJ demoed background techniques during the retreat--lots of interested folks!

They all look way too!

Artist Sale

 Albie's papers and books were a big they always are!

 Stephanie had already sold quite a few pieces before this was taken

 Nina's table is always busy

Jesse had all kinds of work for sale, and 'tagged' each piece for the buyer.  I snagged a couple of things for gifts--don't tell my son!

Orly had the help of her daughter, Maya, at her sale table

There's a bit more to show--actually some of the Show & Tell photos!  I'll include those in the next post, along with a few of my favorite random shots taken during the event.  This has brought back so many memories for me; I wish the next one weren't so far off!  I'll be back soon....


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Seriously thinking that I may have to return for next year's AAJ. I'm going to put it out there for the universe.

Lorie said...

Cindy, you are such a WONDERFUL photographer! This is a beautiful recap of the weekend, and oh, how I wish I were still there. It goes waaaayy too fast. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do to make this such a premiere retreat.

xox Lorie (one of the many)

lilylovekin said...

Cindy, you have spoiled me for any other retreat. I look forward to next Feb. Lorrie of St. Clair cottage.

peggy gatto said...

I have it narrowed down to 3 classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh, dear!
Thanks for the photo diary and
the fabulous journey!

Robin Olsen said...

This looks like a fabulous retreat, and what a great line up for next year! You make it hard to resist. Love the prayer flags, the artists' wares, everything!

Kelly Warren said...

Yay! Love seeing all these photos, Cindy! You did such a fabulous job once again. Looking forward to next year already!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

spent yesterday with Lorrie Spotts, and Ann and I are already convinced that one of us has to be at the computer the day registration opens for AAJ Feb 2012 to get us both "in" !!! it's sounding SO good already, Cindy. ~ Davi

PixieDust said...