Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Generosity. Kind spirits. Abundance. Don't you just love it when the universe opens up and provides you with just what you need? We can choose the lens with which we view our world, and the possibilities are endless. Just my observation...

(Apparently Sammy does not share my enthusiasm)

Now go forth and have a great day!!


Stephanie said...

THAT was a major SCORE...and you made a friend along the way. Don't ya just love it when the universe provides?

Next time you come by, bring Sammy...She and Parker can have a playdate! Talk to you soon!
xxoo said...

thank you cyndie, i put my back out temporaily, so hadn't responded. i am so excited after you sent our little books, and grateful. and yes my sister carolyn and i will be there for the photo shoot on sunday. if something comes up preventing us, we will call you. looking forward to it all...and love dj's latest posts, giving us clues as to what we can already have pictures of. xo wanda thank you for all your work and time.