Monday, June 29, 2009

Letting go and Moving On

I am so filled with gratitude these days that I'm about to burst wide open. It's amazing how, when you REALLY live in the moment, on the deepest level, you realize that you have everything you need. Right now. Finding that sense of peace and serenity inside oneself, no matter what or who is swirling around you, is what it's really all about, isn't it? It's all good--and so much more...

Speaking of good stuff, I've been having such fun preparing for Katie's and Judy's arrival next week--sending out mailings, planning the food, gathering supplies. There's still space in Judy's class; just click on the photo under Day Journeys to the right there.

I'm looking forward to nothing but art and good friends for a few days--we all need that from time to time, right? The fellowship, the sharing of ideas, the enthusiasm and the bonding that take place in these workshops are critical to my well-being and to my emotional health. So I'm looking forward to receiving a good jolt to maintain that equilibrium!

But before I can kick back and absorb all the creative energy flowing from Katie, Judy, and the attendees, I've got a number of other things to take care of first: getting registration ready to open this Wed, July 1 for the Encaustic Journaling class (see all the Day Journeys on the right-hand side there); feverishly preparing for the July 15 registration opening for the Feb. 2010 full retreat;; putting together Provisions for the Journeys packets; following up on ideas for the coming year (oh, you just wait!); and of course, spending time with the grandbabies. That's the one thing I always make time for--how could I not?!


Martha Lever said...

Oh. how I wish I didn't live on the other side of the country!! I am in Florida but love to read your blog.
Here is a random question for you--I love the font used in your logo--An Artful Journey. Do you recall which one that is? Thanks.

suewhodoesn'tliketobephotographed said...

Thanks for the remarks on living in the moment. It wasn't news, but a reminder I needed--right in that moment!

Darling grandbabies.

Anonymous said...

hey kiddo! I likey the changes to the site...and lovin' the pics of the babies!!
S. < "anonmymous" since ican't remember my google account stuff LOL!