Friday, May 18, 2012

Orly Avineri's New Book!

There is no better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee, sunshine, and a new journaling book.  I'm so honored to participate in a blog hop announcing Orly Avineri's just-released journaling book, "One Artist Journal", based on her online journal/blog.  I just received it and it is beyond gorgeous, with page after page of color photos spilling over the edges, along with her heartfelt words alongside.

I met Orly at Journalfest a few years back and was immediately smitten--she's like that.  You just sense her gentle, mindful spirit, and you want to get to know her better and hang out with her.  I've been fortunate to take workshops from her, as well as having her as an instructor here at An Artful Journey (lucky us, she's teaching here again in Feb. of next year!)  Whenever I spend time with her, I leave feeling a little more hopeful about the world.  That's just the kind of energy she puts out there.  Lovely.

This book oozes that kind of soulful energy, and makes you want to crawl right into that space.  I have tons of art books, and have become rather particular about what I spend my time/money on.  This one is at the top of my list, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the art of journaling. 

The very, very, very BEST way to order it is through Orly herself (super easy, fast delivery) at her e-store or in person at one of her workshops in So. Cal.  Of course, it's also available at Amazon but supporting artists by buying directly is always preferable.  This would also make a great graduation gift for a special person in your life!

You might just win a copy of the book if you head over to Orly's blog and leave a comment here--she'll be choosing a winner on May 25.  And you might like to hop on over to visit these folks as well, to see what they have to say about this latest addition to their mixed-media library!

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Pilgrim said...

Your review was really great. I am so glad you got the book and showed actual pages. I can't wait until mine arrives.

The Creative Beast said...

I can not thank you enough for your fabulous retreat, for without it I may never have met Orly and begun my journey of taking her workshops! Orly is an amazing artist, just as you are, and I am SO LUCKY to have you both in my life as inspirations =-)

I will be at the next retreat if I have to sell off every thing I own (except my art supplies!) to get there!!! =-D

Irene said...

You have captured Orly's sweet essence so well. Lovely to read your words this morning.

Pilgrim said...

I got my book last week and it is simply amazing.