Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coming to the surface...

I've been absent from here for so long, and it was a bit of a trek to find my way back. But here I am—and it's SO, SO good to be here!  To all of you who sent me notes of support and encouragement these past few months, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Knowing you were there gave me the strength I needed to move through the challenges and come through the other side.  My heart is full.

I'm grateful for a new year, with all the possibilities that it brings.  Like many of you, I've spent some time thinking about my intentions for the year, and will continue to check myself against them as the weeks and months go by.  The focus is to nourish myself, in mind, body, spirit and soul.  That pretty much covers everything!  More than ever, I've come to value my time with friends in creative pursuits more than ever before.  The time spent with others seeking a spiritual connection through creative pursuits feeds me in so many ways.  I'm determined that, no matter what gets thrown in my path, I will make these connections a priority.  Because truly, that's all that really matters when you come down to it. Right?

For these reasons, I'm happy to report that An Artful Journey continues as well!  I'm THRILLED to announce that Jesse Reno, Katie Kendrick, Orly Avineri, Nina Bagley, DJ Pettitt and Albie Smith will be teaching at next year's retreat here in the Santa Cruz mountains of northern CA. 
Circle the dates!    Feb. 28-Mar. 4, 2013

Details are still being worked out and will be added here and on the website as time goes, but I just couldn't keep the good news to myself any longer!  I just know that this is going to be a very special event.  Stay tuned...

(Of course, Max is excited too—he's such a big help!)



Mikki said...

Yippppee! Hallelujah!!!! Hot diggity dog!!!! Oh yeah!!!!
Thank heavens!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

Robin Olsen said...

That's great to hear and what a fabulous line-up!

Nellie Wortman said... glad to have you back! xo

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Cindy I am so delighted to read this news. Congratulations and welcome back. Last night I was lying in bed and thinking that my soul is in need of another great big dream and your news arrived in my inbox this morning. I'm thinking it may well be a sign that I need to be in the Santa Cruz mountains next Feb.

The Creative Beast said...

Cindy, I'm SO GLAD to see you back and to read that Artful Journey will be back for next year! I've thought of you often since the workshop with Orly in July and I'm glad that things in your life are going well these days =-)

Absolutely count me in for 2013 - I'll find a way to get there!!

danielle daniel said...

OMG! I NEED to start saving for this one! SO HAPPY to read this! Sending you a big hug and a heart full of LOVE! xox

peggy gatto said...

"praise the lord and pass the bacon!"
Good news
Fabulous line up!!!!
this post made my day!!!