Friday, January 8, 2010

A brief intermission...

Just taking a break from the preparations for the Feb. retreat to announce a NEW CLASS for the July retreat. Richard Salley has put together a brand-spanking new workshop for the retreat here in Los Gatos later this year. It's not being taught anywhere else and it's just over-the-top fabulous! Take a look at just a couple of the photos he supplied--aren't they amazing?

The class is a 3-day workshop called "Blowing the Lid Off! Uncommon Jewelry with Common Objects". He uses jar lids, wire, sari fabric, rusty nails, even a shark's tooth! (Not that you're likely to have too many of those lying around the house!)

Go read all about it here, along with the retreat details and all the rest of the class offerings. Three days of creative bliss! Now is just the time to be planning fun stuff for the summer--and here in the redwoods of northern CA is just the right place. It's less than an hour from San Francisco and only 20 minutes to the coastline. Registration is open--come on over and play for a few days with Judy Wise, Katie Kendrick, Stephanie Lee, DJ Pettitt and Richard! Hope to see you there!

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Unknown said...

Richard rocks! What a fabulous line-up you have for your retreat!