Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Necessities

I am so smitten with flea markets right now. Luckily, my favorite one isn't held every week or I'd get absolutely nothing done around here! I've been meeting the most fabulous people, finding all kinds of little treasures, and have been taking tons of photos. I fell in love with these yoghurt jars from Hungary--the second one from the right found a new home. It spoke to me...
But this is what makes my heart really go thumpity-thump--finding vintage fabrics and handmade pieces, remnants, and one-of-a-kind bits that have a history. I wonder where they've been, how well-traveled they are, and whose hands they've passed through on their journey to me. And then to be able to share them with others who appreciate them like I do, who will use them in their artwork or garments--well, it just thrills me to no end! Yep, sheer bliss...

I really loved this 'pile of pigs', but couldn't afford the whole gang. And I just didn't have the heart to separate them, so they'll just have to hang out there for the time-being. (That little one on top is such a momma's boy--he squeals whenever she even hints that she might need a few minutes alone!)

And this nice-looking dude was prowling around on his own, looking for new digs. He seemed decent enough, and a bit lonely, so I offered to bring him home and let him live in my little vegetable garden. He seems content with his surroundings, but he's on the lookout for a mate. It could be awhile though... (Just between you and me, he's not as hot as he thinks he is--plus, he's very moody. Who knew?)

And then there's Max
the cat that adopted me three weeks ago (scroll down to read his story). It was easy-going at first, but that all changed a ten days ago. He got very sick and I was at the vet's almost every day this past week for fluids, tests, xrays, etc. After I spent a small fortune and every test came back negative, he had a miraculous recovery! Seriously, two days ago (right after some expensive tests) he just snapped right out of it. I don't know what the moral to this story is (get 2nd opinions? wait longer for testing?) but it doesn't matter anymore. I'm thankful he's healthy and happy now, and VERY grateful that I wasn't forced to make a decision about whether or not I could afford to keep him. So, so grateful...

And Piper is happy too because now she has someone else to play games with! Here she is teaching him how to play a matching game. Max is a fast learner, so I expect they'll be having chess matches before too long. Piper's birthday is today (3 years young), so having Max back to his old self is the best gift ever!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Every day brings more evidence. Joseph Campbell says we're all just wanting to know "the rapture of living". I know that rapture--hoping you do too.

And then the numbers: 5, 20, 90

# of countries, # of states, # of people signed up for An Artful Journey Retreat next February.
With registration open just over two weeks, the retreat is already close to filling. My heart is full.

Still time to sign up if you would like to join us! It's going to be an amazing gathering, that I KNOW for sure. All the info is on the website...

Go take a look...there on the right.