Saturday, November 21, 2009

Journalfest Memories...

This post is long overdue but the fond memories of attending Journalfest in Port Townsend are still fresh in my mind. It was a great retreat, as are all events that Teesha and Tracy host. I flew into Seattle where I met up with Robin for the drive over to Fort Worden. I haven't been up there for a few years and I've missed it so much.
We had great weather, as you can see. It was brisk but absolutely gorgeous!
We spent three days taking classes, shooting photos, hanging out with friends, walking around town, and doing some good eating. Oh yeh, and we did some journaling too!

I had a great class with Orly Avinieri--if you ever get a chance to take a workshop with her, do it! Such an interesting woman, and a wonderful spirit--she's a sheer joy.

Karen Michel and Traci Bautista, and me and Vivian Young-McDonald hamming it up for the camera.

Here's Karen goofing off while she sets up for the Artist's sale.

The fabulous mother and daughter-in-law duo, Traci and Marylinn Huskamp.

And Stephanie Lee and hubby, Vince, collaborating during the Journal Jam.

The sunrise greeting us as we packed up to leave...

A 'drive-by shooting' out the car window as we headed to Seattle for an overnight stay...

It was pouring when we woke up the next morning, so we took advantage of our time there and did some journaling in the hotel room.

Once the rain subsided, we wandered down to the Public Market where I got these shots--fresh produce and weathered wall posters.
This fish decor was in the Dahlia Lounge, one of chef Tom Douglas' fabulous restaurants. We had an amazing lunch, then went next door to the Dahlia Bakery. The only thing I remember was the Coconut Pie Bite. I'm not particularly fond of coconut pie, but this was to die for. Seriously. We walked down the streets of Seattle, just licking our fingers and groaning--must've raised some eyebrows! We had eaten at the Palace Kitchen the night before, one of his other restaurants. The food there was impressive as well, so if you're in town, you might want to check out one of his haunts. Good stuff!

Till next year...


lilylovekin said...

Thank you so much for the tour, I miss Fort Worden. I won't be going to Play this year since I opted for your retreat with Nina Bagley instead. I'm so looking forward to that and can hardly wait.

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks for the pleasant memories! It's fun to see our adventures through your camera's eye. I could use a little more of that quiet journaling time right now.