Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday Flea Market

We left at 7am for the Flea Market yesterday, expecting fog, cold and wind. Instead we got this--a perfectly beautiful fall day with the San Francisco skyline greeting us. No wonder all these people are heading that way...we just followed the crowds.

I didn't purchase much on this trip (well, except for the 7' tiered, rusted iron garden thingie that now sits in my living room with fabric spilling out of it) but I managed to take a few photos.

Seems like most folks were in a contemplative mood, except for this fellow, who just looked a bit stunned by all the activity.

Stephanie pretty much summed up our mood for the day!

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lilylovekin said...

I was there also, wasn't it the most gorgeous day!! I was looking for things to bring to my Nina Bagley class but did not have much luck. It was still fun just the same.