Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update from Max...

Hey, it's me, Max.  Cindy's busy preparing for the Journey retreat, so she asked if I would give a quick update.  Of course, she'll pay for it later I'm happy to step in.  (It took me forever to figure out how to re-size photos, but I think I've got it.)   Anyway, she's got the sewing machine going at all hours, and has lots of fabric piles laying around for me to play in.  I don't know what all the fuss is about, but she seems pretty happy about it. 

 She did want me to mention that registration closes on January 31, and that there are still a couple of spots in Orly's class if you'd like to join in--the other classes are filled, but there's still a little bit of room up at the Center.  Apparently, she's really looking forward to spending some time up in the redwoods with a bunch of people that like to do art.  (Great--who's gonna take care of ME?)  I don't know why she's so anxious to get out of here, but she's crossing the days off her calendar. 

 That's pretty much all she's been doing lately, except for when these annoying darling little creatures come over, and then everything stops and she turns into some lovey-dovey mush.  

I'll never understand what the big deal is with them, but whatever.  Their arrival is my cue for running out the door and terrorizing wandering the neighborhood.  All I ask is for some peace and quiet; expensive special food; nice clothes to lay on; furniture to keep my claws sharpened; and some loving attention, especially in the middle of the night.  I don't think that's unreasonable, especially considering all the rats, mice, birds gifts that I bring her.  Geez.

I guess that's about it, except that I overheard her saying that she's got another retreat scheduled for February of 2012, and will be announcing the instructors soon.  She says it's going to be another great lineup, and that people should put it on their calendar.  I don't know any more about it, but she'll probably be in touch with you soon on the details   All this enthusiasm and 'happy happy' is really nauseating something. 

I've got to get back to my nap supervisory role; besides, my paws are killing me from all this typing.  I hope you enjoyed this immense sacrifice I made little update.  Just don't expect to hear from me anytime soon (she can do her own dang blog post next time; this is for the birds).