Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cat adoption?

No, this isn't a plea to go out and adopt a kitty. This is what happens when a cat decides to adopt YOU! So happens this furry bundle (a stray) was hit by a car on Saturday in my son's neighborhood, and guess who got the call? They were convinced he was severely injured and needed to go to the Emergency Vet, etc.--of course, I zoomed over. (That's what 'moms/nonnis' do, right?) Once I got everyone to stand back in case he lashed out, I opened the box and carefully peeped in to see what we were dealing with. One look and I knew I was in BIG trouble. He looked up at me, our eyes locked, and he said, "You are my keeper. Take me home--NOW."

So, after a Vet ER visit (I talked them into doing an exam for free...I know, that doesn't happen), a few days of pampered R&R; $200 or so worth of cat supplies; $100+ for vaccinations, etc., he's decided he's officially adopted us. Now all I need to do is get him neutered...and fast! But he's absolutely fit into the family, and we already feel like he's been here forever. Funny how animals choose us like accident, that's for sure. (We named him Maxwell, but he prefers Max)
Sammy didn't stand a chance.
Didn't take me long to fall in love...

Piper is his favorite; I found them like this the other night when she was watching cartoons on nonni's bed. Purrrrr.........

Okay, so not everyone in the family has been adopted so readily by Max--this whirling dirvish is going to need a little more time to convince Max that his kitty body parts will be intact after Riley visits him. And Riley pretty much looks like this a good part of the time....can you say 'high-energy'?!?

Okay, back to work for me! Sure is fun having a kitty around again though!

Stay tuned for updates on the retreats and the Day Journeys. Don't forget that Leighanna Light will be here in just one month for 3 days of workshops! There's still time to sign up, so check itout on the right side there, under Day Journeys! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Self-Portrait Wednesday

Okay so I'm a day late--but here's my first SP (thanks to the lovely Misty Mawn, who started this awhile back...) Won't you join in too? Click on her name to check it out!

Coming up for air!!

Oh wow, what a week! The Feb. retreat registration has been open just one week and it's already 3/4 full--I have been overjoyed and humbled at the response. I just can't wait to put faces to all the names that have come to me via email this week--SO many kind comments and so much enthusiasm. This is why I do this 'organizing' thing that I do. It really is.

If you registered already, you would have received an email from me by now, so please check your spam or trash folder if you haven't seen it yet. They've all gone out (although I suppose it's possible I missed one--but I DO know with 100% certainty that everyone has been logged in, so please contact me right away if you haven't seen your confirmation. Once all the deposits are received, I'll update the status on the classes and lodging availability, and also how to get on the waiting lists!

I have so much more to say but my eyes are slowly closing...sweet dreams are on their way, I'm sure. Back with lots more soon....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giveaway Winner(s)!

Wow, I didn't know how hard it would be to choose just ONE winner--so I chose another...and then just one more! I wish I could send a packet to everyone--the comments were all so kind, and everyone is so sweet. I guess I'll just have to keep doing this once or twice a month! (here's Sammy, who randomly chose the winners by pawing them out of a big pile--such a help, she is...)

Oh WAIT, that's not Sammy--THIS is Sammy! ;)
The lucky winners are:

Debi Koenig
Lori Hutchinson

If you would please email me privately (you'll find my email addy under 'view my complete profile' there on the right side ) and give me your mailing address, I'll get a Provisions packet out to you this week! (These are filled with a mix of goodies, but if you would like the emphasis on fabric...or on paper, just let me know and I'll give you a bit more of one or the other--with other yummy treats as well!)

Thanks to everyone who commented! I'm really enjoying meeting new friends through this wonderful blogging world. I hope you'll come back frequently to read about the workshops offered through An Artful Journey, as well as my own personal journey during this MOST exciting time of my life! More soon on the Feb. 2010 retreat status (oh, and an upcoming post on silverware...yep, you heard it right--silverware. lol) Happy Sunday to all! cindy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feb. 2010 Retreat Status

(doing the Happy Dance!)

What a day! Registration has been open just over 12 hours and the event is about 2/3 filled already! I'm over-the-moon thrilled that so many of you want to join me for the first full retreat of An Artful Journey. If you're planning on coming, I strongly suggest that you register real soon, as a couple of the classes are close to filling. Do be sure you put down a 2nd choice at this point..even a third! Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the five instructors--they're all fabulous and I invited them because they're the best in the business. Plus, we're all going to hang together and get to know one another during the event, so come and join us!

For those of you who registered yesterday, July 15, you'll be pleased to know that you got your 1st choice of workshop! I know some of you have been biting your nails off, hoping you got your favorite instructor. You can breathe now--confirmations will be emailed as soon as I sort through the lodging requests (that's where it gets tricky!) I just love this crazy mixed-media art world that we're involved in. Such passion and enthusiasm!

When I decided to take the plunge, I was hoping that others might be interested in the type of art retreat that I was looking for: a small retreat in a natural setting, plenty of time with one instructor, a calm and nurturing environment, exceptional instructors, a chance to really get to know other attendees...etc, etc. Guess I was right! More soon...

Oh, and there's still time to throw your name in the hat for my Provisions giveaway! Just leave a comment anytime through Saturday, and I'll pull a couple of names to receive a packet of goodies (scroll down to read the post about it!) Good luck!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


fragments of memories from Judy's and Katie's visit last weekend...

being awakened by wet kisses in the morning...running through the hardware store before the doors closed...filling the car with not an inch to spare...

dancing to the music while setting up the room...laughing till the tears were falling...swimming under the stars...sharing stories and our hearts with one another... making connections

...ending the days with more kisses and furry love

And the workshops...amazing, inspiring, life-changing workshops...more on those next time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More goodies...and a give-away!

I've been having so much fun putting together my Provisions packets for the upcoming workshops and retreats next year! These are filled with ephemera, vintage items, trims, papers and fabrics that I've collected over the years...and am still collecting! I'm on the perpetual treasure hunt--keeping my eyes open for items that make my heart skip a beat...

Since these are currently only available to attendees of An Artful Journey workshops, I thought it would be fun to have a give-away on my blog! Leave a comment here (be sure it includes your email addy so I can reach you if you win) and I'll randomly choose a winner (or two!) on Sat. the 18th.

Hope to 'see' you soon!! Have a great day--cindy

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ch-ch-ch changes!

I just finished making some changes on the website, so go take a look! You'll find more info on the retreat lodging, changes in payment method (checks, please...), and easy instructions on how to register for the February 2010 all-inclusive retreat. REGISTRATION Opens Wednesday, July 15 at noon Pacific time, so be sure to check it out before then!

With the five talented and popular instructors lined up for this retreat (Nina Bagley, Lesley Riley, DJ Pettitt, Kelly Rae Roberts/Mati McDonough, and Albie Smith), you'll want to sign up early as space is limited to 22 students in each class! One class, one instructor for 3 blissful days--a retreat in the truest sense of the word. Designed for you to relax, recharge, and immerse yourself in art, nature and fellowship. Aah, just thinking about it makes me breathe a bit deeper...
Please follow the links on the right-hand side and read all about it, along with the Day Journeys currently being offered. Any questions, please email me!

And about these photos? You'll just have to check back soon...Provisions for the Journey, anyone?